Teledyne LeCroy HDO4000 free bundle promotion

Purchase a Teledyne LeCroy HDO4054, HDO4054-MS, HDO4014 or
HDO4104-MS oscilloscope before 30-Sep-2016 and receive free:

  • HDO4K-SPECTRUM Spectrum Analysis
  • HDO4K-PWR Power analysis
  • HDO4K-ARINC429BUS ARINC 429 Bus Symbolic Decode
  • HDO4K-1553 TD MIL-STD-1553 Trigger and decode
  • HDO4K-EMB I2C, SPI, UART and RS-232 Trigger and Decode
  • HDO4K-CANbus TD CAN Trigger and Decode
  • 3 Year Warranty

Combining Teledyne LeCroy's HD4096 high definition technology, with long memory, a compact form factor, 12.1" wide touch screen display, powerful debug tools, and mixed signal capability, the HDO4000 is the ideal oscilloscope for precise measurements and quick debug. Tools such as WaveScan Search and Find, LabNotebook Report Generator, and History Mode help identify and isolate problems for faster troubleshooting.

Key Features
  • 12-bit ADC resolution, up to 15-bit with enhanced resolution
  • 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz, 1 GHz bandwidths
  • Long Memory - up to 50 Mpts
  • 12.1" touch screen display
  • WaveScan - Search and Find
  • LabNotebook Documentation and Report Generation
  • History Mode
  • 16 Digital Channels with 1.25 GS/s

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Eligible HDO4000:
HDO4054 500 MHz, 4 Ch, 12-bit, 2.5 GS/s, 12.5 Mpts/Ch
HDO4054-MS 500 MHz, 4+16Ch, 12-bit, 2.5 GS/s, 12.5 Mpts/Ch
HDO4014 1 GHz, 4 Ch, 12-bit, 2.5 GS/s, 12.5 Mpts/Ch
HDO4104-MS 1 GHz, 4+16Ch, 12-bit, 2.5 GS/s, 12.5 Mpts/Ch

Starting at: $14,175.00 GSA: $13,466.25